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ADT Home Security Equipment

At Alarm Nation we specialize in installing ADT monitored home security systems, wireless security systems, and wired security systems, as well as activating existing systems. Below are the basic home security devices, with simple explanations of each part.

Security System Keypad

The basic function of your security keypad is to arm and disarm your home security system service and view its status.

One of the most important benefits of the keypad is that it has police, medical and fire panic buttons for home emergencies. In addition to using the ADT medical alert and ADT fire alarm, you can program a code for ambush hostage situations.

One of the other popular features of the keypad is the chime mode. When your security system is disarmed you can turn on the chime mode to beep when one of the sensored doors or windows opens and closes. Parents like the chime mode to notify them when the kids are going in and out and find it especially useful when they have a pool and small children.

There are two basic ways to arm your ADT home security system. STAY MODE arms your perimeter door and window sensors and glass break sensors. STAY MODE allows you to freely roam your home. AWAY MODE arms your perimeter protection and also the motion sensors. The NO DELAY feature arms the entry and exit delay zones to immediately sound the alarm if either of the delay entry doors are opened. NO DELAY is usually used when the entire family is in for the night and while everyone is sleeping.

ADT Security Door and Window Sensors

ADT security services door and window sensors can be wireless like the photo to the right, or hard wired contacts in homes pre-wired for home security. Door and window sensors provide perimeter protection and sound the alarm when armed doors or windows are opened.

ADT Security Motion Sensor

Motion sensors from ADT home systems come in wireless and wired models and create an interior trap zone for backup protection of the door and window sensors. Motion sensors are armed in the away zone. Most often they are installed in the hallway of a one-story home and pointed toward the staircase in a two-story home.

Most motion sensors installed in homes are pet-immune. Cats and small dogs can freely roam the home when you are gone and your security system is armed in AWAY MODE.

ADT Security Key-Chain Remote

The wireless key-chain remote is one of the most popular security products because it makes your system incredibly easy to use. With this home security device, arming and disarming your security system is as simple as arming your car alarm.

ADT Security Glass Break Sensor

This home security device provides you with perimeter protection and triggers the alarm when a burglar breaks a window or glass door. The alarm sounds immediately when the glass is broken and while the intruder is still outside.

ADT Monitored Smoke Detector

The Monitored Smoke/Heat Detector is one of the best enhancements to a residential security system.

Unlike regular smoke detectors, when your Monitored Smoke/Heat Detector detects a fire it sends an alarm signal to the ADT Central Station and an ADT Operator dispatches your local fire department, whether you’re home or not.

This enhancement comes with no additional monthly monitoring cost, and most home insurance companies will give you an additional discount for having monitored fire protection. Your initial investment in Monitored Smoke/Heat Detectors often pays for itself. Most importantly, ADT fire monitoring saves lives!

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