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Benefits of Having a Security System

by Protect Your Home Team

Posted on September 22, 2018

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If you've been considering a home security system but haven't been able to decide yet, there may be some factors that can really help you and your family commit. Here are five benefits of choosing a home security system:
  1. ADT offers a Theft Protection Guarantee -- ADT is so confident in their system's ability to prevent theft that they will reimburse you $500 if your home is burglarized while your system is armed
  2. Six-Month Guarantee -- ADT will refund your monitoring fees and installation fees if you're not satisfied within six months of the system being installed
  3. Mover's Security Guarantee -- With the Mover's Security Guarantee, ADT subscribers can get a free security system with their new home
  4. Save up to 20% on Your Homeowner's Insurance -- many insurance companies offer as much as a 20% discount on your home insurance rates when you have a home security system installed
  5. Multiple benefits including 24/7 monitoring and support, incredibly fast response times, user-friendly systems, and over 135 years of experience

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