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Is It Safe to Leave My Children At Home?

by Protect Your Home Team

Posted on October 10, 2018

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Home Security Systems for Families

Feeling safe about leaving your children at home alone is something with which every parent struggles. In the United States, many states have specific laws stating when it's considering "legal" to leave your children at home alone. However, it is something that parents should decide for themselves and ensure their children are responsible enough to be home alone without the expectation of a problem. Even with the most responsible of children and intensive preparation by the parents, things can still go wrong when your children are at home alone. When this happens, what is your child to do? How can they get help if you've left them home alone playing Minecraft while you run to the grocery store?

Safest Option to Leave Your Children at Home - a Home Security System

With home security systems by ADT, you can not only live in your home with more confidence and comfort but can leave your children and teenagers at home without near as much worry. ADT home security systems offer 24/7 protection and monitoring for any and all scenarios that may arise. If anyone were to try to enter the home, the high-tech window sensors and door monitors would set off the alarm. This alarm will immediately trigger emergency help from our 24/7 ADT monitoring specialists. And, if something were to happen and your children needed medical help or there was a fire, they can press the fire/medical panic buttons on the ADT keypad for immediate and urgent assistance.

Keep Your Children Safe. ADT Will Keep All of You Protected.

With an ADT package, you can monitor your entire home and feel safe and secure whether you're in the home, out of town, or even asleep. ADT home security systems can include the following equipment to keep your family safe:
  • Home security keypad for interacting with your home security system
  • Security door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Key-chain remotes for easy arming and disarming of your system
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detectors monitored by ADT 24/7 monitoring team

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If you're ready to take a great step for your family, contact Protect Your Home today to discuss your options and set up service. Protect Your Home offers the best deals on ADT and will pass along the savings to you, especially if you choose an ADT package. Contact our specialists today and find out how much you can save while giving your family peace of mind. Call (800) 219-5703.

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